Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank you for being there for Ryan's Ride

We had 667 children crossed the finish….all happy and smiling... with a few tears, of course. We heard stories on and on from children which I want to share with you all.

• “Mom, I came in 3rd but I passed many people”

• “My legs were so tired after the first lap because I started out in the back of the group and I pedaled so fast to move to the front.”

• “I came in first and I got a medal!”

• Then it was moments like a father pinning up a race number for the daughter; a parent watching the adult race with their son. It was truly a moment where families were engaging with one another.

• It was a celebration for a 5 year old to finish the whole lap on her training wheels for the first time as last year she only rode on the 200 meter dash. She was not the last one as the clown was following behind her. She struggled but was cheered by the audience as she rode toward the finish.

• An avid cyclist was beamed with joy as he saw his 8 year old being the first to cross the finish. It was a “Like Father, Like Son” moment. . It was a moment for this father to share the joy with his son of racing on a bike. The son has not stopped talking about training more so he is ready for next year’s Ryan’s Ride.

• Then, Matthew, our son and Ryan’s twin brother told me that this was his best Ryan’s Ride ever. He thought he strategically rode his best as he was coached by Jim Ochowicz while he was on riding. Jim was a two-time Olympic cyclist who also coached Lance Armstrong.

So much intensity went into the planning of the ride but at the end watching the smiles of these children champions is just priceless.

With the help of 225 volunteers, we created a safe, fun and memorable experience that these children will be remembered by for years to come.

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