Thursday, March 23, 2006

Life of a Bereaved

Life…everyone has a different level of difficulty in how they venture their life journey. One person may get pregnant by accident in her late 40’s while another is trying her many rounds of IVF cycles hoping to have her own first child. Some people try so hard to accomplish what they want in life and fail while others don’t try as hard and they are presented with the same opportunities without even appreciating it. Someone’s life is so blissful while others are presented by challenges one after another.

Those who are bereaved….when they are faced with another loss in their lives while heading back to be a “normal” citizen, the loss magnifies and intensifies and the most inner vulnerability becomes so exposed. The wound re-opens and becomes deep. Others do not understand the intensity of that loss other than those bereaved. It takes so much energy to be part of the normal society yet the true real normalcy would be behind the close doors of a support group for those who are bereaved. It is a hard concept to grasp unless someone walks through that path. After all, if you have never been taught this foreign language, how can you communicate in that language?